95. Palais des Nations, Genève (GE)

The Palais des Nations is the main European Headquarters of the United Nations (UN). Its construction began in 1927.

The Palais is filled with gifts from Member States, including the Armillary Sphere visible in the center of the main courtyard, a 1663 Fribourg chalet, and a small population of peacocks and bees, which were a gift by Switzerland; guided tours are available upon reservation.

Geneva is home to more than 40 international organizations; some (such as the Human Rights Council) are based at the Palais, while others (such as the Red Cross) have their own campus. Switzerland, a Member State of the UN since 2002, is home to tens of thousands of diplomats and specialists who work daily for a fairer, healthier, and more prosperous world. The Ariana Park, around the Palace, allows diplomats to talk to each other, just like the Salle des Pas perdus in the Federal Palace. It is a local tradition to reflect while walking, from the “Reveries” of the Genevan Jean-Jacques Rousseau to the journeys that taught Nicolas Bouvier “the way of the world”.

Inauguration: 10th September 2022

Hours of work 4’000