Explore, relax and save! Swissminiatur collaborates with multiple local services

Swissminiatur, the picturesque miniature park that celebrates the beauty of Switzerland on a smaller scale, is excited to announce a new partnership with a wide range of local services. This initiative is designed to offer our visitors a complete experience of wellness, fun and discovery.

In cooperation with a selection of local services, Swissminiatur is offering a unique opportunity: all who use the services at our partners will receive an exclusive 10% discount voucher on admission tickets (adults, children and over65) to the Swissminiatur park.

How It Works

  1. Visit a partner: Go to one of the participating partner services
  2. Receive your discount voucher: After using the service, you will receive a 10% discount voucher on admission tickets for Swissminiatur
  3. Enjoy Swissminiatur: Present your voucher at the park box office and take advantage of the discount to explore the wonders of Switzerland in miniature
Beauty Artist di Ilaria Sciarini – 6593 Cadenazzo

“Attention to detail is my main work philosophy, I use only first-rate products to ensure optimal results.”- Ilaria Sciarini, AFC-qualified esthetician specializing in dermopigmentation, onycho, make-up and micro needling.

Open fromMonday to Friday –map📍www.ilariasciarini.ch

Centro estetico Alice Soldati – 6900 Lugano Paradiso

Alice Soldati Aesthetic Center has innovative technology aimed at women and men who want to achieve extraordinary results on their bodies in just a few sessions, in terms of reducing localized fat and cellulite, increasing muscle mass and skin tone. It also features a special all-natural, algae-based cosmetic treatment that in just 20 minutes, and from the very first session, gives the skin unprecedented immediate and deep regeneration and cellular balance.

Open from Monday to Friday – map📍www.alicesoldati.ch

Chez Yvonne estetica&dimagrimento – 6593 Cadenazzo

Our beauty center, was born from the idea of helping men and women improve their physical appearance through a combination of modern technology and natural products. With our years of experience, we can give you the right advice combined with the right products to achieve the desired results.

Open from Monday to Friday –map📍www.chezyvonne.ch

Lido Comunale di Maroggia – 6817 Maroggia

The Maroggia Lido is particularly family-friendly and is equipped with a refreshment stand, restrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, changing rooms, trampolines, and sandbox. The mouth of the Mara River, which divides the two sides of the lido, provides especially clean water to ensure bathing. During the season the entrance fee is Fr. 5 for adults and 2 for students and pensioners. A lifeguard is guaranteed to be present. We accept Ticino Ticket. Parking lots are nearby, as is the train station.

Open from 15. June to 01. September –map📍 – 091 649 96 68

Salone Anaïs – 6818 Melano

Anaïs Salon is distinguished by its attention in hair care, image study, and customer counseling, men women and children. We also offer cosmetic services such as: eyebrow grooming, facial hair removal, manicure and semi-permanent nail polish.
Welcoming you will be a professional and sunny staff ready to take care of your every need! We have ample parking and are easily accessible by public transportation.

Open Wednesday – Saturday –map📍 – 091 648 27 14

Salone Massimo – 6900 Paradiso

In Paradiso, the Massimo Salon team welcomes you with kindness and professionalism for ever-fashionable hairstyles.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday –map📍 – 091 991 23 77