Economically and sustainably at Swissminiatur by public transport

The RailAway offer “Swissminiatur Melide” is active, which incentivizes users to reach the park by public transport, without stress and without parking problems. Swissminiatur is just a 3-minute walk from Melide train station.

The offer includes a 20% discount on public transportation fares to Melide and a 20% discount on admission to Swissminiatur Park.

Special HIT for the month of July

From July 1st to July 31st, 30% discount on public transportation fares to Melide and 20% discount on Swissminiatur admission.

You can take advantage of discounted entrance on the park with the following tickets:

  • Standard price tickets (single, return, round trip, at full fare and half fare/reduced fare)
  • Supersaver tickets
  • Day Passes and Saver Day Passes
  • Day Passes for communes
  • GA Travelcard
  • Regional Travelcard, Point-to-Point Travelcard, Modular Travelcard (provided the entire travel route for the selected leisure travel offer is included)
  • Junior Travelcard
  • Children’s Co-Travelcard
  • Group tickets
  • Leisure Travelcard

Read more about the offer and purchase options at:

Special offer for school groups

School groups of 10 or more can take advantage of the advantageous offer of 13% off the school rate for Swissminiatur admission and purchase the school day pass for only CHF 15.00 each.

Read more about the offer and the possibilities of purchase and reservation at: