In 2021, Swissminiatur was certified “Swisstainable,” an identification created by Switzerland Tourism to promote increasingly sustainable tourism.

In this perspective, during the period of winter closure to the public, we carried out significant structural work that enabled the installation of solar panels to create energy. As of today, in fact, we can boast that 75% of our energy needs are self-produced with renewable energy.

In addition to these important works, the park’s irrigation system was also renovated. Now lake water is used instead of drinking water.

Moreover, in addition to collaborating with local schools and institutions to carry out projects, the significant partnership with local producers continues, so that km0 food and wine can be offered at the “Pinin” grotto.

What’s more, the park’s strategic location, a key point in the choice of location in 1959, is now the focus of Swissminiatur’s communication plan, which, thanks to its proximity to the Melide train station and pier, invites its visitors to reach the park by public transportation.

Finally, in addition to being at the forefront as a sustainable company, Swissminiatur is also developing the park in a way that raises awareness, informs and entices visitors and schools to become more sustainable, showing them the image of a greener and thus, better world.