Inaugurated the “Grotto Raffael”

The third new model of the 2023 season was inaugurated at Swissminiatur on Saturday, May 13th. Grotto Raffael in Losone-Ticino, one of the oldest and most typical grottos in Canton Ticino, is in fact the first grotto within the park.

During the inauguration of the model, accompanied by the cheerful music of a bandella, participants were able to admire the many details that make up the miniature. The 1:25 scale model also faithfully proposes the terrace in the shade of ancient plane trees and the children’s playground. Inside, complete with furnishings, there is also the antique fireplace. Meticulous precision work done by Swissminiatur’s team of decorators.

The combination of the decorators’ craftsmanship and the help of the 3D printer enabled the creation of the interior and exterior furnishings of the new miniature.