Camping Campo Felice, Tenero – Grotto Raffael, Losone

27 / 05 / 2023

Rudy, the Swissminiatur mascot, on tour to discover Ticino

During this third stop of the tour, mascot Rudy spent a morning at the Camping Campo Felice in Tenero, where he was able to meet his big and small fans on holiday and have fun with them in the camping pavilion. For lunch, the squirrel moved on to Grotto Raffael in Losone to enjoy a typical Ticino menu and spend an afternoon in the cool of the old trees.

During his visits, squirrel Rudy filled the hearts of his little and big fans with joy, and they stopped to greet him and take a souvenir photo with him.

Rudy’s tour will stop for a summer break, but don’t worry, the curious squirrel never rests and will surprise you with nice discoveries during July and August. He will then continue his journey of discovery through Ticino’s squares on 10 October, with a visit to Lugano!