Events 2023

  • 18th March – Park opening and inauguration of the town hall of Le Locle
  • 19th March – Fathers day (free entry for all fathers)
  • 27th March – 10th April – Easter tresure hunt
  • 29th March – Inauguration of the Grand Tour of Switzerland sign
  • 29th March – 05th November – Tresure Hunt with Rudy
  • 17th – 21th April – Steam train
  • 19th April – Inauguration Werdenberg Castle
  • 13th May – Inauguration Grotto Raffael
  • 14th May – Mothers day (free entry for all mothers)
  • 28th July – Info stand Ferrovia Vigezzina-Centovalli
  • 15th August – Info stand Ferrovia Vigezzina-Centovalli
  • 27th August – Kids Day
  • 12th September – Inauguration Valascia ice sradion
  • 14th October – Concert “Canterini di Lugano” – 11:00 am (in case of bad weather the concert is canceled)
  • 05th November – End of season party with Rudy&Friends


An extra hour

An extra hour

From Monday 18th of July to Monday 15th of August 2022 (inclusive) special opening of Switzerland in Miniature for an...

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