BLS’s MIKA train inaugurated

On Monday, May 13th, 2024, after a year of meticulous work, BLS’s MIKA train, one of Switzerland’s most iconic trains, was inaugurated.

The addition of the new green train brings the number of the park’s rich collection to 20 railway trainsets.

With its distinctive green livery, the MIKA train is an icon of rail travel in Switzerland. Its inclusion in the Swissminiatur collection celebrates not only the country’s railway history and tradition, but also its innovation and commitment to increasingly sustainable mobility.

The model train is more than 4 meters long and weighs 33 kilograms, and its elegant design is represented both on the outside, with the reproduction of the large panoramic windows, but also on the inside, where the comfortable seats occupied by some passengers on the journey can be seen. All visitors will be able to admire up close the precision and attention to detail that characterize this 1:25 scale railway masterpiece.

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