Swissminiatur and GastroTicino

Joining forces for the revitalization of tourism in Ticino

At a time when tourism is facing challenges due to adverse weather conditions and the relative decrease in visitors, Swissminiatur and GastroTicino recognize the importance of cooperation between local entities to promote the beauty of Ticino and provide unforgettable experiences for tourists and others.

The details of the collaboration

Those who decide to delight their taste buds at one of the participating restaurants will receive an advantageous 10% discount voucher on admission tickets (adults, children and over 65) to Swissminiatur. This collaboration offers not only an opportunity to appreciate the gastronomic delights of the area, but also to explore the rich traditions, natural beauty and curious history of Switzerland in a novel and fascinating format.

The goal of the initiative

This initiative was born out of a desire to create synergies among activities in the area. Swissminiatur and GastroTicino strongly believe that by working together, we can improve the experience and promote the wonders of Ticino for both visiting tourists and out-of-town trips by residents.

By joining forces, it is possible to make a difference for the area and for all those who choose to discover and rediscover Ticino and its beauty.

The list of partner restaurants and more information can be found here: