Sion Railway Station

Unfortunately enough, when the railway line Bouveret–Sion was opened in 1860, a difficult financial situation rendered it impossible to build a railway station in Sion. The present station building was inaugurated in 1960. The entire complex covers a surface of 3550 m2.

Bâtiaz tower

La Bâtiaz castle, which is a construction in medieval-feudalistic style, was erected in the years going from 1233 to 1281. In the battles for independence that took place in 1475 and in 1518 the castle was almost entirely destroyed by the inhabitants of Canton Valais upper part.

Saillon towers

Saillon was for the first time mentioned in the 11th century. The hill and its steep sides had at the time already been fortified. The prominent towers and the fortifications were present especially in the northern side, because in the past the Rhône flew south of the hill.

Pierre Gianadda foundation

It is a private museum open to the public since 1978, that includes the Gallo-Roman Museum (located on the ruins of a Roman temple discovered in 1976), the car Museum and a park which displays the greatest sculptures of European famous artists.  To make place for new halls, it was decided to not spoil the…