William Tell monument

The first William Tell monument was brought to Altdorf in 1860 by the people of Uri during a Federal Shooting Meeting. The monument that can be seen today at Altdorf was inaugurated in 1895 and is guarded by an old fire watch tower know as Turmli.

Rega helicopter base

The Rega Air Rescue Unit of Erstfeld was built in 1991 near the A2 motorway. Before that the emergency teams used a small hangar. Every year professional pilots, rescue assistants and in-flight doctors complete about 650 rescue missions

“zur Treib” house

It was for the first time mentioned in 1482 as a shelter for boatsmen. In 1658 the house was entirely destroyed by fire and consequently rebuilt in its present shape. From 1637 to 1767 the building gave hospitality to 72 federal assemblies, attended mainly by members of the three original Cantons, founders of the Swiss…

William Tell’s Chapel

The chapel dedicated to William Tell is situated on the shore of the Lake of Lucerne, between Sisikon and Flüelen. It’s fresco painting were created around 1880 by Ernst Stückelberg from Basle. These portray important moments in the life of the Swiss national hero such as for example the oath on the Rütli, the shot…