Mountain Chapel and Post-Office

This mountain chapel is the oldest building of the small farming village of Erosen. The chapel was built in 1492 in the center of Arosa and was dedicated to St. Barbara and St. Jodokus. Well know is also the chapel, built in 1750. The building still retains its original appearance. Since 1974 it has been…

Heidi village

The village is made up of seven buildings, including a copy of Heidi’s home, a sawmill, a farm, the town hall and other typical buildings. Around 1880, Johanna Spyri was inspired to write Heidi’s story after visiting a place like this.

Bobsleigh run

Famous Olympic track in St. Moritz where, in addition to national and international championships in bobsleigh, skeleton and luge racing championships are held at a national and sometimes even international level.

Typical Grisons House

The typical Grisons holiday house is a massive stone building with a large roof, small windows and a large entrance door as usually two families lived under one roof. The window frames, arches and corners of the doors of the building are decorated with so called “graffiti”, consisting of floral, geometric of heraldic ornamental shapes.…