Zofingen Town Hall

This building, constructed in late baroque style, with its external double stairs, was erected between 1792 and 1795, according to the plans drawn by Niklaus Emanuel Ringier. The pieces of furniture furnishing the building are in Louis XVI style and the stucco ceilings have been realized by Franz Georg Rust.

“Neuhaus” Zofingen

This building was erected around 1770. Since 1949 the mansion has been put under the protection of a preservation order. In 1863 the palace was acquired by the Bank of Zofingen and, after 1935, it has become the property of the Swiss Bank Corporation (then merged together with UBS).

Hallwil castle

The barons of Hallwil were first mentioned in 1113. The castle in the Aargovian Seetal was gradually erected, through several intermediate phases, between the 11th and 13th century. The castle has remained a private property until 1925, when it was inherited by a foundation trust.

Lenzburg castle

The central tower was erected during the 11th century. The castle was remarkably then enlarged first by the Habsburgs, during the 14th century, and by the Bernese who conquered Aargau in 1415. This building, which is the biggest fortification in canton Aargau, is situated on a steep cliff.


The town of Bremgarten was founded by the Muri Monastery in the 11th century. The Reuss river flows freely on three sides of the town. During its turbulent history, Bremgarten was frequently submitted by enemies coming from foreign countries and there have been few occasions in which it was actually free. The town was first…

Aarburg fortress

The castle was the residence of the Berner bailiffs from 1416 to 1798. It was then conquered by what is nowadays the canton Aargau. After 1893 it became an approved reformatory. The castle was first mentioned in 1123, a period in which the Frohburger family still lived there.

Mövenpick motorway services

The shopping flyover on the A1 motorway in Würenlos is composed of 6 restaurants, 16 stores and 2 giant service stations. This complex was opened in 1972. The flyover reaches the 140 meters of length and spans 8 lanes. This shopping center is the largest construction of this kind in Europe.