Entrance (number of participants and classes)


    Classes number
    Teachers/adults complimentary1 (free)
    Teacher/adults paying*1 (CHF 15.50)
    Students, > 16 years (CHF 11.50)
    Students, 6-15 years (CHF 8.50)
    Students, < 6 years (free)
    Bus driver (free)
    NOT self-sufficient disabled people with accompanying persons (free)


Lunch (Self-service restaurant, indicate number of menus, max 2 choices, self-service restaurant, drinks are not included)


    Menu 1S (CHF 10.-)
    Menu 2S (CHF 11.-)

    Menu 3S (CHF 12.-)




    Use of the picnic area
    Guided tour service in English 2

Payment method



Billing Details


1 One teacher per class has free entrance and free menu. The other teachers/adults pay the adult’s entrance (CHF 15.-) and for the menu the same price as the students.
2 max 20 people per guide, price between CHF 130.- and CHF 170.-