Hallwil castle

The barons of Hallwil were first mentioned in 1113. The castle in the Aargovian Seetal was gradually erected, through several intermediate phases, between the 11th and 13th century. The castle has remained a private property until 1925, when it was inherited by a foundation trust.

Kolin square

Kolin square is situated precisely at the center of the ancient city of Zug. The square is surrounded on all sides by well-know buildings, such as for example the Ochsen Hotel, the Town hall, the Kolin estate, the Clock Tower and the Aklin house.

Old Town Centre in Wil

The centre of Wil is considered one of the best preserved old towns of Eastern Switzerland. In the square dominate the Hof zu Wil (Court of Wil), important monument with over 800 years of history and once the seat of the abbots of St. Gall, and the House of Barons, prestigious government building of classicism…

La Sarraz castle

The castle was probably built in the 11th century by Adalbert von Grandson and then totally rebuilt in the 13th century. In 1475 and in 1536 this fortress was entirely destroyed by the Bernese people. Nowadays, the castle has become a museum.

Kyburg castle

It was for the first time mentioned in 1027, as an escape fortress. In 1096 its owners acquired the title of counts of Kyburg. By the end of the 12th century, their domain had spread all the way to the western part of Switzerland. Then, precisely at this moment their properties were acquired by the…

Freuler Palace

In the years going from 1642 to 1647, the Colonel of the Guard Caspar Freuler, officer in the Service of Louis XIII, ordered the erection of this lordly mansion in Renaissance style. This imposing building is situated in the Canton of Glarus and it has nowadays been converted into a museum.