Beyeler foundation

The museum was opened on 18th October 1997 in Riehen near Basle. The new building was designed in 3 parts by Renzo Piano, the Genoese architect of international renown, who designed also the Pompidou Centre in Paris. An expansion of the museum was opened in 2000. The entire museum was funded by the Foundation, created…

Saint-Ursanne collegiale church

This collegiate church in Roman style was ­built in the 12th century. Everything began with the erection of the choir on the territory previously occupied by the abbey, which had been constructed 100 years before. This abbey was placed near Ursanne’s grave. The side chapels were built later in the 14th and 16th centuries.

Farm in Ticino

The outline of a typical farm includes a closed outwards with almost all of the openings facing the inner courtyard whose outer walls are protection against intruders and burglars. A heavy door give access to the court to coaches and freight wagons. On the top floor of the master lived the owner of the estate…

Uri castle (Castel Grande)

The Castel Grande is situated on a 300 metres tall rock and represents the first tower of this elaborated chain of fortification. In 1500 the Castle was invaded by the Confederates. The garrison of Canton Uri established itself in this castle. It is precisely for this reason that «Castel Grande» is also know under the…

Svitto castle (Montebello)

Montebello castle, known also under the name of Schwyz castle, was built in the 14th century. The castle played a fundamental role in the complex net of fortifications which in the Middle Ages were meant to control and protect the commercial exchanges between northern Italy and the passes of St. Gotthard, Lukmanier and San Bernardino.


The town of Bremgarten was founded by the Muri Monastery in the 11th century. The Reuss river flows freely on three sides of the town. During its turbulent history, Bremgarten was frequently submitted by enemies coming from foreign countries and there have been few occasions in which it was actually free. The town was first…

Aarburg fortress

The castle was the residence of the Berner bailiffs from 1416 to 1798. It was then conquered by what is nowadays the canton Aargau. After 1893 it became an approved reformatory. The castle was first mentioned in 1123, a period in which the Frohburger family still lived there.

Bâtiaz tower

La Bâtiaz castle, which is a construction in medieval-feudalistic style, was erected in the years going from 1233 to 1281. In the battles for independence that took place in 1475 and in 1518 the castle was almost entirely destroyed by the inhabitants of Canton Valais upper part.