Swiss Federal Archive Museum

This special museum, which was meant to preserve the Archives of the Swiss Confederation, was built in 1936 by the Canton of Schwyz with the help of the entire Confederation. Besides the founding Chart of the confederation, which dates back to 1291, many other important records, treaties and documents are kept in the exhibition room,…

Oberhofen Castle

This beautiful castle, with its tower on the water, lies on the right shore of the lake of Thun, in the Bernese Oberland. It dates back to the 13th century and hosts a museum representing furniture culture between 16th and 19th century.  The castle’s park, created in 1840, is considered one of the most beautiful…

Schnitzturm Castle

The Schnitzturm in Stansstad, built on a promontory emerging from the sea, was one of the main defences against northern attacks. Although the building was erected on soil belonging to Canton Nidwalden, two-thirds of the Schnitzturm are a possession of the Canton Obwalden.

Thun Castle

The Castle of Thun was built at the end of the 12th century. The four round towers in norman style were subrequently annexed to the Romanesque central square tower, whose walls reach a thickness of 4 meters. From 1429 the building was the official residence of the Bernese bailiffs.

Typical Bernese Oberland Houses

This house has a roof with two pitches, which sticks out of every side and still has, in the valleys, the typical covering with planks with big stones on it.  The wooden beams, the supports and the structure of the roof are finely worked and decorated. It is the house that made the typical chalet…