Clock tower

This first west gate of the city was erected  around 1191. The extraordinary play of performing figures, the astronomical clock and the hour striker were added later in 1527–30 by the artist Kaspar Brunner. The various operations of reconstruction of the tower took place during different periods. First from 1467 to 1483, then from 1770…

Saint Pierre cathedral

The erection of the Romanesque Cathedral was begun around 1150. As a consequence of the Reformation of 1535, the interior of the church was completely transformed. The restructuring of this architectural jewel was realised following ancient plans and views portraying the building.

Vaumarcus Castle

The Vaumarcus castle is situated on the shore of the Lake of Neuchâtel. In its origins, the castle protected and controlled the exchanges that took place, at the foot of the Jura, between the Canton Vaud and the Canton Neuchâtel, at the time still considered respectively Bernese and Prussian possessions.

Burgdorf castle

The impressive castle of Burgdorf – with its great hall and with its two towers of Bergfried and Tortum – is already visible from a considerable distance. This structure is one of the most imponent in the entire Canton of Bern and it was built around the 12th century by the Dukes of Zähringen.

Bottmingen castle

Birsig. The structure was erected during the 13th century. It was first held by the local lower gentry, but it was then acquired by patricians who, unfortunately enough, let the castle decay. The renovation of this architectural treasure was elaborated on the basis of ancient plans and views portray the way in which the castle…

LAC Lugano Art and Culture

With a view to the official opening of the LAC in 2014, the City of Lugano decided to exhibit at Swissminiatur in preview in 2011 its model. LAC is an architectural complex that brings together several spaces: a theatre and concert hall, exhibition halls, the theatre-studio and multipurpose room, a rooftop restaurant, a square for…